October 15th, 2011

All You Need to Know about Q10 Capsules

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Q10 capsules or Co Q10 capsule supplements are among the most used advanced health products today. Along from omega-3 supplements and multivitamins, Q10 capsules are among the most used in daily consumption. Co Q10 is a natural compound that is found in the cells of our bodies. It is used by the mitochondria, known as the power house of the cell, to generate and distribute energy to all the parts of our body.

Co Q10 or Coenzyme Q10 is also known as Ubiqionone or Vitamin Q. It is called Q10 because of the 10 chemical bonds it possesses. It was first discovered in the 1950’s as an energy enzyme but it wasn’t used as a supplement until decades later. Body parts that use the most energy such as the heart and the lungs have the highest concentration of Co Q10 in the body.

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A normal person consumes 3-9 mg of Q10 from their daily diet. Foods with the highest concentration of Q10 include high protein animal meat like muscles, hearts and livers. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli also have high amounts of Q10. Although these foods are rich with Q10, a large percentage of it is lost when these foods are frozen, stored or cooked.

Q10 is available in several forms. There are Q10 capsules, available in hard shell and soft gel-like shells, tablets and oral sprays. It is most effective in the form of soft-gel capsules because it is absorbed most efficiently that way. Q10 capsules are mostly fat soluble, so it is better absorbed when eaten as a dietary supplement. The recommended dosage for Q10 capsules can range anywhere from 50 to 200 mgs per day, depending on the individual and health condition.

Q10 provides valuable energy for the body but it can do so much more in terms of overall health. Q10 is a great antioxidant and helps with neutralizing free radicals in our blood. As a detoxifying agent, it can help boost your immune system and strengthens your metabolism. Q10 is also used as treatment in numerous disorders and diseases.

Q10 capsules are most beneficial for the heart. It can prevent most heart related disorders and diseases and it helps with regenerating and rejuvenating most heart functions. It also helps individuals who are recovering from heart attacks or heart surgery. If taken early on, Q10 can even prevent heart ailments such as heart failure and heart related problems.

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