November 15th, 2011

How Vigorous Exercise and CoQ10 Keep You Fit

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The Heart is a Vital Organ

The heart is a vital organ to the body. It gives your brain the blood it needs so you can think clearly. It gives you stamina. It gives you the strength to perform tasks at your best. It gives you vitality. However, your heart weakens with age. When that happens, it doesn’t pump as powerfully as it used to, and you feel less vital. In a few short years, your heart’s power to pump may lessen up to 25 percent. That’s quite sad. Fortunately, you can do a couple of things to keep your heart healthy and maintain your body’s fitness.

A well-balanced diet is the first step in keeping yourself fit. In addition to that, getting the right exercise will help reduce the risk of heart disease. Avoid long-duration, medium intensity workouts because these can wreck your body. Go for short-duration, high intensity workouts. These exercises reduce the risk of heart disease by 100 percent more than those who practice aerobics.

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Study shows Exercise can Protect the Heart

A research by Harvard Health Professionals Study followed the progress of 7,000 people in terms of exercise. They found out that the key to protecting your heart is the exact opposite of long workouts like “cardio” exercises. It is intensity, rather than endurance, that protects your heart. They proved that the more intense the exertion, the lower their risk of heart disease.

Another Harvard study compared vigorous and light exercises. Subjects who performed exercise that is more vigorous had lower risks of death than those who performed less vigorous exercise.

For even better results, you can start a daily supplementation of CoQ10 products like Premium Q10. CoQ10 is the single best nutrient for treating and preventing heart failure. Get enough of that, and you help maintain your heart’s vitality.

CoQ10 is present in every Human Cells

Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), sometimes referred to as Ubiquinol, is a fat-soluble co-enzyme present in a certain part of the cell, the mitochondria, where the necessary energy for the function of the cell is produced.

CoQ10 has been extensively researched for its ability to strengthen the heart muscle, specifically in patients with heart failure. It has been shown to naturally strengthen the heart, thereby increasing the blood volume ejected with each beat. As a result, the oxygen-rich blood supply to the organs improves, and the body becomes more physically energetic. It enhances endurance in physical activity in people with muscular dystrophy. Since it is involved in muscle contraction, it can improve an athlete’s performance. Furthermore, it improves blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Although CoQ10 is present in every human cell, as the body gets older, the rate of CoQ10 synthesis declines. A shortage of this co-enzyme means the muscles will not be able to function efficiently and the aging process is accelerated.

Sources of CoQ10

You can derive your CoQ10 from food sources such as peanuts, spinach, whole grains, soybean oil, salmon, mackerel, sardines, beef, and organ meats like heart, kidney, and liver. If an individual’s diet does not include many of the above-mentioned foods, CoQ10 can be obtained from supplements like Premium Q10.

The super nutrient CoQ10 can help boost your energy and increase your stamina for a vigorous exercise. High intensity exercise, on the other hand, helps protect your heart from several dreaded cardiovascular diseases. For a healthy heart, start incorporating the right amount of Premium Q10 and exercise in your life as early as today.

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