October 26th, 2012

Increase Bone Density The Natural Way

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Science and technology evolutionary brought us to the atomic, space and computer ages. Are we done with the search? We have seen enough though, to know that most would want to go back to the basic because there is nothing like natural. Even medicine recognizes the importance of integrating the science with the healing powers of the alternative and traditional medicine. What is rather unusual is the manner by which we call the natural, traditional and early practices as alternative.

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Bone loss, a serious medical case involving the thinning of bone density is no different as efforts are being exerted to increase bone density naturally. It is sought to give treatment to bone loss or to supplement the effects of pharmacological solutions. Nonetheless, it would be important to select products and services with care because scams have invaded in the market owing to the rampant demand for natural solutions.

Since having a poor diet seems to be one of most common causes of bone loss, it could be the ideal starting point in addressing the condition. Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies are known to be the principal dietary reasons for bone loss. So, eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D would be a natural way of treating poor bone density. Foods that are naturally laden with vitamin D are fish, fish oils, and eggs; likewise, calcium are found richly in dairy products such as milk, and yogurt  Being a sunshine vitamin, it also pays to have sun exposure to allow the body to naturally produce Vitamin D. To make calcium more available in the case of patients suffering from bone loss, it will be practical to consume food with less caffeine and oxalic acid that is found in leafy vegetables. Meanwhile, the inclusion of foods that naturally facilitate efficient absorption of calcium like those with phytates and phytic acid found in foods with high concentrations of fiber is vital.

Aside from dietary solution, another natural remedy is putting the body at work. It is already proven that exercise and strength training can lead to bone density increase and improved muscle strength, agility and balance.

Natural solutions like food and exercise are inexpensive and accessible; hence, every person who is suffering from bone loss and facing fracture risks everyday need not worry.

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