August 30th, 2012

What Causes Of Eye Strain – Be Aware Of It

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Eye strain is primarily caused by straining of the muscles of the eyes. When the eye muscles are in constant position for lengthy period, eye strain would normally occurs. The most commonly affected eye muscle is the ciliary body, which function is for accommodation. Let us now try to see the different causes of eye strain.

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Focusing too much on the TV or computer screen. Constant focusing on looking computer screen, televisions, etc. could strain the muscles of the eyes.

Inadequate Sleep. If the eyes don’t have enough time to rest, eye strain could occur.

Stress. Studies show that stress can weaken one’s immune system, lead to psychological disorders, and lowers life expectancies. So, lessen the level of your stress to prevent occurrence of eye strain and other ailments.

Fatigue. This is due to sedentary lifestyle or excessive working is frequently aggravated for eyelid strain.

Caffeine. Excessive caffeine intake can cause eyelid straining as it acts as a stimulant and have an effect on the nervous system.

Vitamin Deficiency. This is also one common cause for eye strain, but is simple to manage. A healthy and well-balanced diet is all you need to have in order to suffice the lacking minerals and vitamins.

Neurological Disorders. Eye strain may also possible to occur due to neurological disorders like basal ganglia.

The given above are a few of the common causes of eye strain. Actually, our eyes have the tendency to be exhausted and even get strained especially if we tend to focus on nearer items, and if we sweep our vision to other things in a quick manner.

Also, among the possible causes of eye strain would include dryness of the eyes, light sensitivity, and air pollutants. Adequate sleep, sunglasses, eye drops, stress free life, washing the eyes with cold water are some eye strain remedies. If ever the condition becomes more severe such as there is already pain or twitching in the eye area, then consult your eye doctor right away. Blindness or permanent damage of the eye may occur if there are no treatment regimen render.

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