November 14th, 2012

What Is A Bone Density Scan?

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A beautiful, swan-like ballerina on pointe’ shoes makes an astonishing pirouette for a finale when the unexpected happened. Her bones failed because the extreme diet failed to maintain the dexterity and strength of her bones as she lost the bone mass needed to execute her steps with power. She just fell, excruciating not just with pain but with the fear of not ever dancing again. It is truly regretful that she had not submitted to a bone density scan earlier, had she done so, maybe things are different.

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What is a bone density scan and what is it for? Bone density scanning is a non-invasive procedure that efficiently measures bone minerals to indicate bone loss or osteoporosis. It makes use of low radiation X-ray and is also referred to as dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) or simply densitometry.

What is bone density scan and how could it be useful? A bone density scan provides results that are precise, dependable, and useful when they are used as basis in creating a treatment program even before fractures occur.   People who are at risk must go through the scan to find out the health of their bones to prevent probable injuries and fractures.  Those who are into active sports and careers must also take time to go through bone density scan to validate their bone health even before accidents put their careers away from them.

What is a bone density scan and its applications? Unfortunately, not all people with bone loss can benefit from the procedure. Having previous fractures and injuries causing deformities may hinder accuracy in scanning and reading and lead to unreliable results. A peripheral scanning of wrists and legs may indicate risk of fracture in hip and spine but simple indications cannot be used as basis for the therapy. Further, DEXA results can only indicate relative risk but could not predict it. It is also a procedure that requires hefty sum.

What is a bone density scan substitute? Bone density scan can be done using portable scanners. This type is not so precise and can only be used for screening purposes. This kind of scanner only scans the wrists or heels which are less reliable than spines and hips. The findings during screening may be taken as an indicator that needs further verification.

With technology like DEXA, we need not worry anymore about unfortunate fractures and injuries. Technology like these makes you realize that injuries they are really preventable if only people will take time to check.

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