March 26th, 2012

Advantages of Q10 over other Dietary Supplements

Q10 Nutritional Capsules, by admin.

In terms of dietary supplements, there is little that can be more basic or be more essential than vitamins or multivitamins. But there is a new product that has caused a stir in terms of dietary supplements. This product is known as Q10 Nutritional Capsules supplements. Not only is it as effective and essential as vitamins but it also presents a few advantages over standard dietary supplements. Here are just a few examples over the many additional benefits and uses of Q10.

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  • Q10 supplements are widely used to improve heart health and heart functions. This is essential for people who have heart problems and are suffering from heart related diseases and disorders.
  • Q10 is also very effective for people with high blood pressure. Co Q10 is a very good antioxidant and can help in lowering blood pressure or maintaining proper blood pressure health. This is important, especially for people of advanced age.
  • Q10 is very effective as a supplement for people who are looking to lose weight. Aside from providing extra energy needed when losing weight, Co Q10 also provides additional nutrients needed when depleted from food.
  • There has been research that has shown Co Q10 effective in controlling the amount of sugar in the blood. Controlling blood sugar is important especially for people with Diabetes and other diseases concerning blood sugar.
  • The use of Q10 is now being used in treating gum related diseases such as periodontal disease. Because of its effectiveness, most dentists and doctors immediately prescribe Q10 to patients exhibiting gum related diseases.
  • Q10 supplements are now being used to improve eyesight is some patients. Several trials have shown significant improvement in eyesight for most patients who have tried  Q10 supplements in their treatment for their eyesight.
  • Q10’s essential energy giving properties and energy functions makes it a prime candidate for sports drinks and other energy boosters. There are also other properties, such as antioxidants and rejuvenation properties that can beneficial for athletes.
  • Q10 is also now being used by cosmetic companies as an important ingredient in their cosmetic products. Co Q10 is a very effective anti-aging agent and Q10 is now found in all sorts of cosmetic products such as lotions, oils and creams.
  • Research has shown that  Q10 can have positive effects on brain related diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical trials gave shown significant results on using Q10.
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