July 1st, 2011

Effective and Safe Sports Supplement

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Are Sports Supplements Safe and Effective?

Only Natural Organic Sports Supplements are considered Safe!

Q10 Nutritional Capsules supply the best quality supplements that are derived from the human compound called Co Q10 or Co-enzyme Q10. This compound is naturally found in every human cell. It is produced and located in the mitochondria, otherwise known as the power house of every cell. Its primary role in the body is to provide the much needed energy to power the important muscles and organs that need it the most. This is especially important for amateur and professional athletes and sports persons.

From a physical standpoint, the most important element of an athlete’s performance is to have the energy needed to accomplish the goals in their sport or game. All athletes rely on high energy to perform and produce the results against their competition. In this aspect, Co Q10 capsules are invaluable. These capsules not only increase the amount of energy in the body, but they also allocate and spread it throughout the body more efficiently.

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When produced naturally by our body, Co Q10 is found in the organs and body parts that use the most energy. These organs include the heart and the lungs. Increasing lung capacity and strengthening the heart muscles are invaluable to serious athlete. The  Co Q10 levels are also high in athletes, mostly in their muscles because of the amount of energy spent in those regions of the body.

In an average person’s diet, even a sportsman’s, the intake of Co Q10 is only about 3-5 mg. Even if athletes load up on foods that are high with Co Q10 such as certain kinds of fish, high protein animal meats and certain vegetables, the most that they can consume is around 9-10 mg of Co Q10. With Co Q10 capsules, athletes can safely and effectively increase the total to 50-200 mg of Co Q10 daily.  In fact there is no prescribed limit to how much Co Q10 can be ingested on a daily basis, but like everything else in life, moderation is always advised.

Co Q10 capsules do more than just increasing energy output and improve performance. This supplement also contributes to the overall well being of an athlete’s health. The increase in energy also improves all other aspects of the athletes health, such as an increased immune system and an improved metabolism. This improvement in the athlete’s health also protects the body from illness and injuries. It also aids in the recovery process when athletes are injured!

Today, most athletes and athletic trainers recommend the use of Co Q10 not only because of its sports performance benefits, but also because of its general health benefits. The main component of these supplements is Co Q10, which is perfectly organic and natural, making it safe and effective for most athletes and sportsmen.

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