August 9th, 2012

Facts About Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks, as we all know, are essentially nonalcoholic beverages that assert to boost up energy by combining different ingredients. Health benefits have been stated in many energy drinks reviews, but the side effects are rarely asserted in these processes. So, now let’s have a quick look into the facts about energy drinks for you to know more aware about it.

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Fact #1. Contents and ingredients. Among the common ingredients that energy drinks have would include caffeine, guarana, vitamin B, carbonated water, ginseng, maltodextrin, taurine, creatine, ginkgo biloba, etc. Other energy drinks have sugar as well as artificial sweeteners just to improve its taste. These are the ingredients that trigger the energy level of the body to increase. Just for an instance, taurine is responsible for contracting the muscles and regulating the heart rate, and caffeine is responsible for stimulating the brain cells of the person.

Fact#2. Its systemic effects. As a normal effects of these energy drinks for the person’s body, the ingredients, like for an instance, the caffeine tends to work with adenosine, a molecule in the body responsible for producing energy, which would likely affects the neuron activities in the brain. This prompts the pituitary gland to secrete adrenaline as a compensatory mechanism of the body. It regulates the heart rate and activates the liver to produce more sugar in the blood to which is the essential component for energy.

Fact#3. Health Concerns. Various health dangers, due to the consumption of these energy drinks, have been a debate for how many years now . When it comes to side effects, actually it refers to the different effects of the combined ingredients in these energy booster drinks. In many instances, researches and studies have revealed that caffeine has a great impact for every one’s health especially those who consumed these energy drinks. Excess intake of caffeine in the body would results to many health problems which would include hypertension, headache, and insomnia.Also, one of the lesser known but important facts about energy drinks is that these tend to dehydrate the body rather than hydrating them.

Moreover, energy drinks with contents of alcohol could as well results to some adverse effects. Although manufacturers foretold that energy drinks are very essential in boosting the endurance and performance of the person, but health experts do not accede on these because they see it as an disruption of the normal body functions.

So, these are just the general facts about energy drinks. The pros and cons these beverages has must not be ignored by the people especially those who are consuming these. This is necessary to avoid unnecessary side effects and adverse reactions to the health, and maintain the well-being of the person.

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